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Management consulting is a $240B industry in the United States. We estimate there are currently one million management consulting projects annually in the US between operations, strategy, organizational design, finance/accounting, and IT strategy.
The networking and marketplace innovation in consulting has fallen behind. As has always been the case, new client acquisition is driven through reputation, referrals, and sales and marketing budgets, while clients have no way of collecting real performance data and rely on padded sales pitches and biased referrals.

Our Mission

Connect organizations with the right consulting partners to improve project outcomes.

What and Why?

Consensus is a directory and review database of management consulting firms and their services. At Consensus, we believe there is lack of information pertaining to the quality of work executed by consultants in the eyes of the client stakeholders. We are working to build the largest database of genuine, accurate, and helpful testimonials from  consulting clients. With the help of our users, we will:

  • Improve both parties’ return on investment by aligning organizations with the right partners from the start
  • Decrease the amount of time wasted performing partner diligence
  • Drive transparency and accountability in the management consulting space
  • Uncover opportunities for consulting firms to improve
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